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We are a global Design and Innovation consultancy. We create compelling experiences for products, interfaces and brands that delight the people who use them. Our approach is Insightful, Innovative and Collaborative

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

We were born when the practice of User Experience design was coming to existence. Think Design’s UX design practice, since our inception in 2004, has transcended various phases in the markets concerning digital products and services... We have seamlessly transformed hundreds of applications in desktop, web, mobile, embedded to connected televisions.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

In Industrial Design practice, we employ various methods and techniques to establish or improve a product’s ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality, usability, manufacturability and marketability. We address four essential elements of a business, through this practice: Operational Excellence, Technology, Design as in its form, function and usability and Customer relevance.

Brand Experience Design

Brand Experience Design

How tangible is your brand?
Think Design creates experiences for brands across touch points that define its existence in the real world. With experience of working closely with hundreds of brands and companies, Think Design has set out its own proprietary standards for designing experiences.


  • Responsive Design

    Idea facilitation workshop:

    Idea workshops leverage innovation capabilities of a company’s internal teams. Through Think Design’s “Collaborative Wayfinding” approach, we help come out of rigid corporate structure and build internal capability to innovate.

  • Product Development:

    Think Design is at the helm of Product development, one of our core practices in Industrial Design.Our practices in this domain have been time tested and expose our way of looking at Product Development.

  • Web Application design:

    Currently, most of the web applications consider Desktop or Laptop as their primary device.However, with increasing consumption of smart phones and tablets, there are possibilities that more and more web applications ...

  • Responsive Design

    Mobile Application design:

    Think Design has designed mobile applications in multiple domains such as Enterprise, E commerce, Entertainment, Education, Platform/ OS assets etc.., across Android, IOS platforms and for devices ranging from Tablets, Handhelds, Smartphones to ...

  • Responsive Design

    Identity and Brand standardization:

    How consistent is your brand?Are your tangibles and intangibles all mixed up? Are you sending across consistent messages?How empowered are your staff and suppliers to use your brand the right way?

  • Localization:

    Globalization vs. Localization is a never ending debate. Merits of each are unequivocal.If your company’s grand strategy is to localize their product offering, Think Design can help you with localization in Industrial design ...

  • Responsive web design:

    Responsive web design is an approach where seamless UI can be achieved across devices (such as desktop, tablet, mobile) as well as across screen sizes. In such a case, a common HTML CSS frame work will work across devices and screen sizes ...

  • Responsive Design

    Packaging Design:

    Think Design’s packaging design impacted domains such as FMCG, Food and Beverage, Electronics and Entertainment, Mobile and Handhelds, Furniture and Household, Home Appliances... through innovation in structure and decoration...

  • Responsive Design

    UX Design for Connected Television:

    Entertainment is getting more interactive... We are already in that space. We have designed applications for connected televisions in the domain of live television streaming, totalized with web and mobile device user interfaces...

  • Responsive Design

    Corporate/ Marketing website:

    Corporate/ Marketing website design practice at Think Design comes from a strong User Experience design background. A typical web design project at Think Design starts from sorting out Information Architecture and goes 360 degree till HTML CSS ...

  • Responsive Design

    Visual Design:

    Visual design is a sum total of various elements that form look and feel of a layout... it will mean that Visual design is very much a essential ingredient of interaction design. At Think Design, Visual design as a stage succeeds Wireframing, Storyboarding ...

  • Responsive Design

    Display and Dispensing Design:

    Brand stands for certain promises. However strong the connect through media is, it is of paramount importance to emulate the same through its tangibles: Touch and feel of the brand, when its available in product form, at its various retail formats...

  • Responsive Design

    Front End:

    Think Design’s front end capabilities go beyond plain HTML coding. With experience of delivering over a hundred web and device based applications, our developers have been through the thick and thin of product development process for the last 8 years ...



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